Martial Arts Books – Bruce Lee, Jiu-Jitsu, La Creme De La Creme, and K.O. Power

You can choose from a variety of books on martial arts if you are interested in learning more. Here are a few of the books I love: Bruce Lee, Jiu Jitsu, La creme de la creme and K.O. Power. What martial arts book would your students recommend? Please leave your comments below! Find out more information about each book by clicking the link below! You can also check these great books about martial arts!

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee was not only a great martial artist but he was also a screenwriter and director. He was a martial arts instructor as well as an actor, philosopher, director, and producer. He had a number of martial arts books written for students to study and apply to their daily lives. These are the best of them:

The first book in Bruce Lee’s series on martial arts covers his mma gym in Hong Kong, street fighting, and his eventual emigration to America. The second book focuses on his progress in Jeet Kune do and his struggles to get into the film industry. The last book is about his final days and sheds light on his struggles with drug abuse. It also speculates on the reasons for his death.

Bruce Lee wrote the core set while he was recovering from stroke in 1975. Lee also kept different notes about combat philosophy throughout his entire life. Although the notes were not complete, and lacked any sort of coherent framework, they formed the Tao Jeet Kune Do. There is a book that will suit your needs, whether it’s an introduction to martial arts or a thorough treatment of each technique.


The best Jiu-Jitsu martial arts books are designed for beginning and intermediate students and include fundamental techniques as well as advice on training and competing. To make good progress, it is important to train regularly under the guidance of an experienced instructor. If you don’t have the time or desire to train with an instructor, there are many books that can provide valuable insights into Jiu-Jitsu.

Non-Stop Jiu-Jitsu by Brandon Dawson covers the stand-up part of jiu-jitsu. Dawson is also an accomplished wrestler and he has competed in Judo. His second book, How the Bigger, Stronger Oponent, Series 2, is focused on takedowns, and standup games. Dawson’s book, How to Defeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponent Series 2, is one of the best and most practical guides for learning the standup game.

La creme de la creme

The Art of War by Bruce Lee is the best book on martial arts. Written in bullet points, this book shows how the master thought. Although the book is simple, it reveals the depth and genius of Lee’s thinking. It remains groundbreaking. The book is not only an excellent guide to martial arts, but it also demonstrates practicality. The Art of War features stories about the author’s experiences as a fighter in the working-class, along with lucid writing.

K.O. K.O.

The K.O. The K.O. Power book is a collection hard-hitting techniques that BJ Penn, multiple UFC champions, has outlined. This book includes step-by-step illustrations to help you grasp MMA’s fundamentals. You will also learn how you can control your opponent and transition into different submissions. The author also offers advice on how to train for peak performance, and he takes the time to explain the science behind pure unarmed combat.